Please note Star Citizen is still in the Alpha stage of development. As such many of the activities below are not possible in game yet as an org. We still get together for the social aspects of the game and to help test. Many of the below divisions will likely change as development progresses and gameplay loops are finalized by CIG. We welcome you to join just the same and to be a part of the team.


Mining, Exploration, & Survey

Does the thought of shattering space rocks bring you a feeling of joy? Do you dream of hauling vehicles filled with material gouged from the face of planets and moons? Do you feel an uncontrollable pull to every asteroid field on UEE star maps? If you answered affirmative to any of the above, or you are curious how you can develop these compulsions, then the Emerald Sky Ltd Mining and Surveying Division is for you! We pride ourselves on our ability to locate and remove asteroid fields that would otherwise be a menace to navigation, thereby freeing up the shipping lanes and making them safer for all citizens. Our crack team of experts will show you the ropes… as well as the scanners, mining lasers, ships, and strategies to help you become a successful miner in the universe.

If a direct hands on rock breaking experience isn’t for you, perhaps a position with our Exploration & Surveying team can be equally exciting. Imagine the thrill of stumbling on, or possibly running into, a new asteroid field or moon! Imagine the luck such an encounter would be as a learning opportunity for our repair teams! Our survey teams work to discover, as well as survey, resource areas and determine their value. In many cases the data obtained from exploration teams will require careful analysis, and planned deep scanning missions to ascertain the value of the find. This determines whether a mining operation is warranted. If the value is decided to be worth the expense of an operation, the exploration team will either call in mining teams, or reorganize as a mining team to carry out the mission.

Mining teams work with the Trading and Logistics Division to plan an operation, as well as execute the mineral extraction. Trading and Logistics will ensure that harvested material gets to where it needs to be. After all, collecting all the material is fine, but lets face it we are trying to make money here.

Trading & Logistics

Do you obsess over small details? Are you uncontrollably upset when your special delivery is late? Do you seek to tell the delivery company everything they are doing wrong and make recommendations on how to fix it? Do you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation when logging in to trading terminals to sell your cargo at trade hubs? Do you sit awake at night preoccupied with planning the activities you are going to do for the next week? If any of these are a yes, then we certainly have a position for you in our logistics division. We believe that it’s not about the journey, because it’s the destination that pays the bills. It is the goal of the Logistics division to ensure the journey is as short as possible.

Our trading and logistics professionals have been trained by the finest experts in the UEE military, and will begrudgingly pass that expertise on to you! Many of us have held positions within the UEE Navy moving supplies, personnel, and equipment, to where they are needed most. Through our past successes, the UEE has fielded a formidable fighting force. We now bring that expertise to Emerald Sky Ltd.

The Trading & Logistics Division is the most challenging division to work for here at Emerald Sky Ltd. This division ties together all the others, and is therefore critical to the success of the Organization. You can think of it as the plumbing that connects the entire organization. As such you are exposed to all parts of the organization and your experiences can cross many disciplines, not to mention make many people cross. We handle all of the company financial transactions, such as the buying or selling of goods, ships, and other corporate acquisitions. A failure of this division can be catastrophic, resulting in loss of life, and more importantly, UEC. If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this high powered and focused division, we’d love to have you.

Internal Security & Contract Management

We have a core group of security forces internally, but in general a lot of our staff can be afraid of loaded weapons. Generally our ships are armed, and we need highly trained staff to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves (or others). To meet this need we have recruited a crack unit of former UEE military fighters with origins across multiple disciplines, in order to ensure adequate education on the use of a wide array of offensive and defensive systems. Our Chief of Security works with external vendors to augment our security teams as needed through the use of contract engagements with reputable security organizations.

Support Services

Support Services personnel find themselves in a unique position. Many who join Emerald Sky have been educated as medics, mechanics, or other support roles, but find themselves working logistics, exploration, or even security! It is the nature of our business that you may find yourself working a certain role in an operation, but your additional medical skills may be called to action to assist an organization member or other citizen who has befallen to bad luck. We believe you should be allowed to do what you enjoy, and if we can all make a little UEC from it, whats the harm?

The same is also true for ES members trained as engineers and mechanics. On our larger ships, this could be a dedicated role as we tend to run our assets into the ground (sometimes asteroids and the occasional building), but when you are running smaller vessels this skill may be paired with other roles. Your additional skills in these areas are critical when the crew resources are limited, and you are operating in a detached role away from help.

In some cases we can be called upon to help others in the universe whose vessels and equipment have fallen on hard times. Emerald Sky’s dedicated repair and refuel craft can service stranded vessels, and assist crews with towing services to the nearest repair facilities. If those facilities happen to be ours, so much the better. We can ensure a complete end to end solution for our customers.

On those rare occasions when we arrive too late to be of assistance, or find that our customers vessel is too far gone for even the most talented of our repair personnel, we offer vehicle recycling programs that are the envy of the empire. Our professional teams ensure that human space debris will not clutter up and ruin the beautiful starscapes we have come to love. As an added bonus, each and every Citizen we assist with this service, can rest easy knowing that their ships will live on… as a part of something else. Why let the material go to waste right?

We know what your thinking by this point…. But guys, my ship only has enough room for ME! How can I possibly be a part of such a complex structure. YOU CAN! We would love for you to go at your own speed, and still have the resources of a larger organization at your disposal should you need. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to be left alone, and we here at Emerald Sky get it! Right now, even as this is being written, I wish I could just go sit in an asteroid field and be left alone. You can be a member of any of the divisions above, and still solo if you desire. We are available to work as a group, but certainly enjoy the company of good quality independent contractors!

Please consider a career with Emerald Sky Ltd. We hope you will consider joining the team!

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