Non-Lore History

Jumpgate – The birth of Emerald Sky


Outside of Star Citizen Lore, Emerald Sky was originally founded as a squad in a game called Jumpgate back in 1999 / 2000.  We were part of the Quantar faction which is where the Emerald in the name originated as the faction color was green.  The Quantar were underpowered due to decisions made by the dev team and were therefore getting their ass kicked all the time.  Dalamars and CorwinSF, along with a few other players, formulated a plan to run guns and ship equipment from the overpowered factions to ours (the ship components were modular and could be installed in any chassis).  It was expensive initially as these components were never meant to be bought sold as a commodity and were often moved at a significant loss and huge capital investment.  To put it in Star Citizen Terms, it would be like loading a Caterpillar with Medical Supplies, with no profit.

Quickly the Quantar combat pilots realized we were really making a difference as the high end ship gear was readily available in the stations we stocked.  As a result we began receiving large infusions of cash from the fighter pilots of our faction to run the equipment.  It was not a mechanic in the game so we had essentially invented it (to overuse a term you could say we were on the forefront of “emergent gameplay”).  It was always a great feeling when pilots from our faction logged into the game and found high quality components in our home stations to outfit their ships and very excitedly announced it on chat (usually crediting us).  At many points during the game Emerald Sky transport convoys found themselves with spontaneous escort squadrons to help us complete our tasks.  At our height it wouldn’t be unusual to have 5 or six transport vessels in a convoy from enemy space, with a dozen fighters as escort.  We had the time of our lives, and helped balance a game the devs had no clue how to fix.  Sadly Jumpgate died and it’s sequel was never fully realized.

EVE Online

2004. Jumpgate died, we moved to EVE Online while it was in beta.  Initially we played the beta years helping get the game out the door for CCP, and then expanded to an even larger corporation in universe, especially when the tools started allowing for alliances and the like.  We had over 50 active members doing all manner of tasks.

We functioned as a few entities within the EVE universe, Emerald Sky LTD, Hyperion Ltd (our presence in STAIN), and Universal Imports (our low sec/no sec business entity that moved around quite a bit).  We were focused on industry, initially in Empire space, and then low sec, followed by 0.0 space.  As alliances such as IRON, began forming in the no sec areas of space, we subcontracted ourselves to them as a manufacturing arm, exploring, mining, trading, our way to success while also helping our alliance.

For our final mass undertaking in game, we ran stations in wormholes to clean out the resources there.  That was our final activity with EVE and only a couple of people remain there playing.

A New Beginning – Star Citizen


A small number of players have stayed together from the Jumpgate era and have taken it upon ourselves to keep the company alive in the new and emerging Star Citizen.  A couple of us are already playing in the alpha doing testing and bug reporting, but also having fun in the process.  Over the course of time we have amassed a decent sized fleet that will be available for company use when we need to crew the ships and start really playing the game.  We are looking forward to keeping the name alive and continuing to have as much fun as possible while doing it.  We’d love to attract like minded individuals that wish to do the same.

Please visit our Org page on the RSI web site for more info and to apply!