Hire Us!

Emerald Sky Ltd offers a variety of services to other organizations who are either not staffed or otherwise interested in running these activities. If your org is in need of additional services, here is a sampling of what we offer on a short term or long term contract basis. Please contact us for more details!

Supply Lines

Do you find yourself pushing further and further out into uncivilized space? Having difficulties keeping supplies of food, fuel, and material flowing to your detached operations?

At Emerald Sky LTD, logistics isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. We are experts at moving everything from personnel to luxury goods, quickly and efficiently. We believe that when you are working far from home, you shouldn’t need to worry about the mundane supply needs of your personnel and equipment. Let us take on that worry for you, and do so at a reasonable rate! With Emerald Sky at your back, you are free to focus on what’s important, your mission. Contact us today!

Equipment & Personnel Moves

You have a problem. Your operation has just arrived on station, and you’ve forgotten a critical piece of equipment! Your Tumbril RC is back at the hangar and now you wont be able to race around on that new alien world! What do you do?

At Emerald Sky LTD, we are here to help. For reasonable rates, our teams can get that equipment to you without a second thought, and we can do it quickly. We have ships and crews ready to take care of your needs at a moments notice. This is not only true for equipment, but also people. We can move large numbers of personnel between planets, fleets, or wherever you need them. Our passenger craft are not only fast, but comfortable. We will treat your people like they are the most important thing to your organization. Please contact us for more information and pricing!

Logistics and Planning Services

Combat Site Cleanup

It was a tough battle, but you have prevailed (or maybe you haven’t). It’s time to recover what you can and recoup some of your expenses. We can help recycle even the toughest of messes. Our crack team of salvage experts can find treasure in what would otherwise be a pile of junk. With our special pricing model for recovering your (and their) lost equipment, you can rebuild, and come back even stronger than before.

VIP Transport / Tourism

You just received a transmission from a client that you’ve been trying to close with for months. It has finally paid off, and they want to meet to discuss the deal. But where to do it? You could be boring and have it at a fine restaurant in your home city, but why be boring? Or maybe that isn’t the problem at all. Maybe it’s time to take the Org out for that long overdue appreciation part you’ve been promising.

Not to worry! We have your back. We have luxury vessels to entertain your prospective clients or party going Org mates! Our executive charter services can not only provide a place for you to entertain, but also keep the scenery outside the windows constantly changing. Wow them. Remind them of how much they mean to your success. Contact us today and we will set you up with an experience to remember!