Our fleet reflects our mission, not to mention a tremendous impulse control problem on the part of our ship acquisition team. Fleet operations are constantly being refined and tailored to fit the needs of our customers. Ships are acquired to fill needs within the organization and to ensure we can grow in the future.

Below is a list of the vessels currently held by Emerald Sky Ltd.

ESV Jade Dragon- Drake Kraken – Flagship
Mobile Industry / Support Platform
ESV Jade Tusker – Drake Caterpillar
Hauling / Modular Multi-Role
ESV Mantis – RSI Polaris
Multi Role / Search & Rescue / Defense Escort
ESV Hyperion – RSI Orion
Heavy Mining
ESV Benevolence – RSI Apollo
Medical Support Vessel
ESV Emerald Dream – RSI Constellation Phoenix Emerald
VIP Transport / Corporate Transport
ESV Forrestal – Aegis Reclaimer
Heavy Salvage
ESV Endeavour – Anvil Carrack
Exploration / Multi-Role
ESV Montgomery Scott – Anvil Crucible
Repair / Service
ESV Quantar – Hercules Starlifter C2
Cargo / Logistics
ESV Jade Clipper – Genisis Starliner
Personnel Transport
ESV Jade Falcon – Mercury Star Runner
Data Running / Courier