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Star Citizen - Cloud Imperium Games

If you are looking to join Star Citizen, when you create your account please use the referral code/link for an extra 5000 UEC in game: STAR-QTH4-JGYW

Welcome to the home of Emerald Sky LTD.  We are an industry / science based Organization within the Star Citizen universe.  We have an ever expanding fleet of vessels, both in game, and in concept, to take on the “‘Verse” when it’s fully live.  Our activities at the moment are centered around testing, exploring the game mechanics as introduced, and just generally hanging out. We are also working on strategies to employ when the full persistence release is in place. Much of that activity is on our Spectrum forum.

Currently we are looking for players interested in the following professions:

Trading / Cargo / Logistics
Surveying / Mining
Exploration / Mapping
Medical / Engineering

We have more details on our RSI site!  Don’t forget to apply to our Org!

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