Emerald Sky LTD – A Star Citizen Org

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Welcome to the home of Emerald Sky LTD.  Presently we are active as an org in the Star Citizen universe.  We have an ever expanding fleet of vessels, both in game, and in concept, to take on the “‘Verse” when it’s fully live.  Our activities at the moment are centered around testing, exploring the game mechanics as introduced, and just generally hanging out.


Currently we are looking for players interested in the following professions:

  • Traders
  • Miners
  • Explorers

The Plan

  1. Explore the known systems looking for resources and opportunities for making a profit.  We will chart and gather this information for sale and/or our own use.
  2. Mount long range remote expeditions to harvest the resources we find for extended periods of time and return them to UEE space for sale.

To make this happen we are striving to make ourselves self sufficient.  For exploration we have a Carrack, and several supporting ships. For resource exploitation we have several resource harvesting / transporting vessels, including a capital ship for remote support services.  We are interested in players that can contribute skills to the survival of all corp mates, and the equipment we bring.  We will have a particular focus on medical skills, as well as engineering and repair.  If this interests you, please submit an application below.  We’d love to have you on board.

We have more details on our RSI site!  Don’t forget to apply to our Org!


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